Elvis Caught The Tooth Fairy On Film!!!

Sydnee, our 8 year old daughter, lost her tooth last night and asked Elvis, our dog to get a picture of the tooth fairy... Well, Elvis always goes to extremes. He had Priscilla our other dog man the camera while he guarded her tooth on the table all night. Apparently, the tooth fairy is sneaky though. While he was looking away, the tooth fairy was able to retrieve the tooth, but not so sneaky to avoid getting caught on camera by Priscilla!
Have you checked out ICaughtTheToothFairy.com?


Amy @ mommetime said...

Cute...Amy @ http://mommetime.com/

Koco & Viking said...

LOVE that your dog is names Elvis! Super cuteness! We're a fellow ABE'r following you right back! Can't wait!!!

your new friends,
koco & viking


Tree said...

Awww... Elvis is SO cute! Just stopping by to say hi... another fellow ABE gal. Looking forward to Tuesday! :)

Liza767 said...

? your hubby looks familiar is he the pilot that saved the plane on the Hudson?

Liza767 said...

is his name Steve?

Cindy0462 said...

ha ha - that is awesome!!
i love it!! !

Thanks for your positive comment about my daughters hair.

It made me smile!

Ember said...

This is so cute! Here from FTLOB! I can't wait to read more! I hope you will stop by. =)