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The Pilot's Wife has found a permanent home. I've done it!!! I have made the switch to word press, though I must admit there is some concern that my lovely regular followers may get confused, and I know it will take some time to get my new site Anna Barnett Online into the Google searches, but I did it once, I think I am up to the task!

I do hope you will make the switch with me. I know I have not been writing much lately, that has been in preparation for my move. But now I am ready to get started with lots of new contact and want to take you along for the ride! So meet me at Anna Barnett Online and let me know what you think!!!


Anna, The Pilot's Wife

Why Send Out Cards?

Why Send Out Cards?

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Transporting Leo

So last night I was going through my emails when I open one from a transport group. I always check them but I am never able to help because the transports usually take place on the weekends and that is when my husband and the kids are home. But I always check and try to forward on accordingly. Well last night at about 10:20pm I opened an email and read about a Bloodhound named Leo. It seemed as if his adoptive family felt he just wasn't going to work out. He needed to go back to his foster mom, who he was quite bonded too. The rescue group was trying frantically to fill a transport for the follow day, today. Well, for the first time I could actually help out! I was thrilled so I called and all the arramgements were made.

I showed up 30 minutes early at the intended meeting site, a Bob Evans at 71 & 18 in NE Ohio, and when I got there I found out the transport was running late. You see what happens with  a transport, I will take Leo for instance. Leo was at his adoptive home in Albany, New York. He needed to get back to Loveland, Ohio. That is a 700 mile trip that takes  11 1/2 hour of driving, then you have to figure in potty breaks. Now since this is a rescue/foster home that is taking Leo back, they can not afford to fly him home, so volunteers agree to pick up legs of the trip consisting of about 45 minutes to an hour drive so Leo can get out of the car have a break and be passed on to the next person. A transport train if you will. This effort was a 2 day event for Leo, and as I am writing this he is on his last leg. Almost done.

As I said, the transport was running a little late, but when it got there, I saw Leo for the first moment in the back seat and my heart just ached for him. I let him walk around the grass a little and as I was talking with the other driver and absentmindedly scratching Leo's head he suddenly put his paw in my hand. So I looked at him set it down and loved on him and went back to talking again. Then he did it again. There was something about what he was doing, it was as if he was trying to say "Hey, I like you, can I come home with you?" He immediately climbed into my car and settled in for the ride. I talked to him the whole way. I told him about my dogs, and how much I would love to take him home but it would be too crowded. And I told him he was going home to his foster mom and would be happy to see her. When we got to Leo's next stop I was truly sad my part of his journey had ended.

I have to say, I have done rescue for years, and have done many transports in the past, but this one really grabbed my heart. I am not sure why Leo didn't work out for the family that adopted him. All I know is that it took me 5 minutes to fall in love with him, a 50 minute car ride to become attached and I will have a liifetime memory of a Dog that loved anf trusted me to help get him back to a place he thinks is home.

Anna, The Pilot’s Wife

Late last night around 11:00pm Leo was reunited with his foster mom and dad. I am sure they were all relieved he made there safe and sound and I know he had a good night's sleep in a home where he is loved...

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Anna, The Pilot’s Wife