I Could Sell Ice To An Eskimo - But I Wont!!!

So I have talked about accidental recruiting when you're out with friends and they know what you do they see your happiness and success and just can't help themselves, they want a piece of it too.

But what about the friend who has told you what they are looking for and then they let you know you are not a good fit. You have given them the "opportunity", but they have decided it is just not for them. They way I look at it is this, it is not my place to twist your arm to join my team. The truth is, I can sell ice to an Eskimo, but as soon as I leave his igloo, he will realize he didn't need it, and I'll lose my integrity.  This is the last thing I want to do with my business that am so carefully building.

Everyone has their reasons for why they choose or choose not to go into direct marketing, and then what company and people they decide to partner with. As long as you provided the information to your "prospect", answered any questions they may have, and used the tools provided to you from the company to explain the business, if a person is ready, then they will sign on.  If they are not ready and you hard sell them, you risk them dropping out within a month or two, or not signing up at all.  Then, even if circumstances in their life change and they are now ready for this adventure, you have destroyed your integrity and the trust they had in you and they will look for someone else to partner with. You will also risk losing a customer, if they were a consumer of your product. But worst of all, you could lose a friend, and that person will tell other people the next time they hear about your company, "Oh Yeah, I had someone try to sell me on that once. Couldn't shake her!" Not good for you or your company.

So my advice to you is listen. I know you are excited about your business, but don't be so excited that you become deaf to what others are trying to tell you. Just because this may not be the perfect fit for one person, does not mean that the next person you run into that very same day won't want to sign up the minute they see the company. Remember, this is not about filling slots, its about building relationships!

Always stay positive and excited when you talk to others even if it is not about your business. People will see this and wonder what it is that you are so happy about and soon they will be coming to you and asking you about what you do.

Above all, maintain your integrity. This is YOUR business, YOUR future, YOUR life!

Anna, The Pilot's Wife

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