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I am a 41 year old woman who met the love of my life when I was 11 years old. We were in 6th grade together. Of course I never told him and he was so shy that I don't think it would have mattered if I did. Well, that was 29 years ago, and we both lived quite full lives since. But amazingly we ran across each other again in life and now we are married and I am living the life of a pilot's wife with 2 kids, 3 dogs, a bearded dragon, and all the adventure that comes with it...

As for my blog, I write about a myriad of topics. Sometimes I will shout my family's praises, other times I will wonder why the world treats people the way it does. Animals are a passion of mine and I make no apologies for any post that may make you uncomfortable. I beleive that it is important to let people know about what is going on good and bad.

Another subject near and dear to my heart is self esteem in our children. I had a tough life growing up and I think it is so important to let our children know how precious they our.

I do occasionally have give aways, because I love the candles from my business and I want to give others the chance to enjoy them too! I do not do reviews, but if I happen upon your website and think it is cool, I will post it in my Blog Pick of the Week. This is an unsolicited post. These are blogs I find as I am out and about on the web. Something about them strikes me as  special and I feel the need to share!

As for my home business:

A year and a half ago, in an attempt to have more time for the family, I decided to give up the corporate world to find more time and freedom for my new family and life. But I still needed something else, and that something else was right UNDER MY NOSE!!!  I had a home based business that I had been dabbling in for a few of years, wonderful gourmet natural wax candles. I loved them, my husband loved them, and everyone that I ever introduced them too loved them as well. That provided the perfect opportunity to do something that would allow me the ability to focus more of my time and energy where it was truly needed, the kids.

From that I realized that there was more to network marketing than retailing product. I wanted to make an income that I didn't have to worry about. One where the paychecks came in whether I worked or not.  So from the a home candle business to Invado, International my path to financial freedom was set on course!

Freedom From the Corporate was born! I decided I wanted to empower others both personally and professionally to do the same and here I am. Allow me to show you how to leverage your time and money so you are no longer tied to the corporate world. So you have the time to spend with your family doing the things you always dreamed of doing! Take that step, call me 330-606-8999 or email freedomfromcorporate@gmail.com. Remember, the most expensive thing you will ever own is a closed mind!

I hope that I am able to inspire you to reach for your dreams and achieve them!!!

Anna, The Pilot’s Wife
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