Power Bracelets Turn Out To Be Just Silly Bandz

So today the makers of power bracelets said that there is no scientific proof that their bracelet provides the boost that the PAID athletes are saying it does.
The Associated Press reported that The California-based company was forced to admit there was a lack of evidence to support the claims of “natural power” after the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission challenged their claims.

Power bracelets were first released in 2007. They are have holograms and are made to interact with the energy flow of a body. Sounds to me like they are trying to sell wonder twins rings!!!. The bracelet sells for $29.95, for that price, my wonder twins’ powers better activate!!!

These bracelets have been worn by athletes and celebrities like Shaquille O'Neal, David Beckham and Kobe Bryant. Shoot, Shaquille O'Neall does a testimonial for the company which you can watch below... I almost feel sorry for him, except for the big fat check he put in his wallet from the company. Money that the company took from consumers, knowing that they had no scientific proof , but the consumers would believe it, because it was Shaquille O'Neal.

Power Balance made a huge mistake in marketing, they could have paid the celebrities to wear the bracelet just the same without the lies, and the mass amount of cattle like fans, would have lined up to find out where they could find one of those nifty little doohickies that Shaquille O'Neal or Kobe Bryant wear because it is the next coolest thing… The silly band for the grown up… I guess they didn’t have confidence in their own product

I bet they feel silly now…


JeniLee said...

Too true about just showing their product for what is is and not lying about it! Great post!

tips4green said...

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Fanny said...

my kids have also these bracelets x


Amy said...

That is so funny...and sad at the same time. I'd actually never heard of the bracelets before. I think you're right about the marketing strategy though. They'd have been better off to have made no claims at all and just let celebrity hype do it's thing.
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