Escalate Your Paypal Dispute to a Claim - How Sweet It Is Debacle

The reason for this post is to help other bloggers that were affected by the How Sweet It Is Small Business Hop. I have had a couple of emails asking me how I got my money back. Well, I didn't do it, Paypal did it for me. below are the directions how to do it, paraphrased from paypal...
I hope this helps... I also want to say, we all want to trust and believe in people, but we should still check references and ask around. I didn't do that this time. Anytime in the past when I have received a referral or checked what other events a blogger or person has been involved with, everything has gone wonderfully.
Ok, these are the directions from paypal, basically you select the open dispute in the Resolution Center and click the desired action at the bottom of the dispute details screen to close or escalate a dispute.
They will require more information from you when you escalate a dispute to a PayPal claim. For me personally, I explained she took down all her sites associated with the services that were offered.

By escalating a dispute to a claim, you are asking PayPal to review it and decide the outcome.

They try to resolve cases within 30 days, but complex cases may take longer to investigate, deliver a final decision, release any funds, and close the case. (they solved mine in a couple of weeks)

You and the seller may be subject to specific deadlines for new information. They use the messages exchanged in the Resolution Center, along with other details, to determine the outcome.

You can track the progress of your claim and respond to requests for information in the Resolution Center.

They notify you when they come to a final decision...



SassyScorp said...

Doesn't always work. It depends on the manner you sent it. Unfortunately, I sent it as "personal" and they do not open claims for those.

Laurie Harrison said...

Thanks so much, dear. I escalated my claim. (I had no idea one could do that) Well, I have never had a claim/dispute before.
This is very helpful.
Again, thank you.
PS: I'm very trusting. I don't have references but I am also very trustworthy.