P!nk - Perfect

I just saw this video tonight and I had to post it. I cried when I saw it. So many kids growing up feel this way and no one ever notices. I felt this this way growing up. I was lucky, I was strong, and the feelings of being misunderstood when I was younger helped to teach me independence and self preservation as an adult. But there are so many kids out there that do not have that inner strength to pull through.

We as parents need to be aware of what our kids our going through and let them know they are perfect just the way they are... Teach them their worth and show them their value! Love your children, they are precious!!!

Anna, The Pilot’s Wife


Ed Van Aelstyn said...


Well said! Kids learn from us period. If we teach them that they are perfect just the way they are, they will have a solid foundation to flourish. Cheers!

Ed Van Aelstyn

Kelly & Monte Tareski said...

Anna, Thanks for sharing this. I struggle constantly with my "Bonus" daughter to counter act the way her mom makes her feel. Telling her she is fat, making her do sit-ups before she can have dinner, giving her 1/2 the food her brothers get, etc. That is just stuff on the body issues, I wont even get started on the other emotional issues. It is hard for her to understand that her dad and I truly feels she is beautiful inside and out, when her mom makes her feel it's just not possible.

Ashley said...

I just wanted to say that I'm glad I found your blog... and don't know how I haven't come across it before, because I'm always looking for other pilot wives. (:

This video/song makes me really sad too. There definitely are far too many people who don't realize they have the power to give love and change lives. It's our responsibility to love each other!

Glad I found your blog... and am browsing the resources for pilot wives now.

Kara said...

Wow! What a powerful video. I would not want to be a young girl in today's culture of beauty-worship!

Anja M. said...

I follow you through Boost The Buzz. (Anja M.)

Have a nice day. Feel free to follow me back at This and That.


Kymmie said...

I have never seen this video clip before. It's moving and I'm sitting here with my eyes welled up with tears. So good. So true. And yes, it speaks for the silent. xx