Miss USA Susie Castillo Tells Her Experience With The TSA

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TSA Watchdog said...

Thanks to The Pilot's Wife for posting this.


You are completely correct, and I'm sure many Americans appreciate your taking a stand. People on the "left" and "right" are both concerned about the TSA's ongoing violations of our constitutional and civil liberties. This is not a partisan issue, but an American issue.

Since late 2010, I have maintained a blog called TSAWatchdog.org, where anyone can post their own TSA "horror stories" for all to see. Since I have no budget, it has been slow going in terms of publicizing this outlet for stories of real people facing real violations. I have been posting news stories, like yours, of people who have had run-ins with TSA security that clearly show their abusive and unconstitutional procedures.

Please visit TSAWatchdog.org for a partial history of TSA violations, and to post your own story, if you have one. The more the public becomes aware of--and outraged by--the violations of our basic rights, the better the chance at stopping this dangerous abuse of power.

We can offer reasonable protection to our citizens without violating our basic constitutional rights. But first, people need to see examples of how their rights are being violated. Thank you, Susie, for standing up, and thanks to anyone else who does so.

TSA Watchdog