I Am My Mother's Daughter!!!!

(Taken from my previous blog)
That is it, I have done it. Today was the final straw and I have morphed into my mother. I realized this after Brady threw a temper tantrum today, recovered, his little friend came over, but his younger sister Sydnee had no one to play with so she decided to hang outside with them, the next thing I knew every 5 minutes WHILE I WAS WORKING and trying to make calls, one of them was telling on the other. I finally had enough, marched out into the yard, heard the debates on all sides and said "You play together or not at all. Do you want me to send Adam home? I don't want to hear another word, and do not yell my name again, " are you ready for this??? "UNLESS SOMEONE IS BLEEDING OUT THEIR EYES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

I think they were stunned and are now all 3 playing quietly in the grass outside my office window. Sydnee just came in and stood at the door. I asked over my shoulder, "Are you bleeding out your eyes?" she said no... She was hungry and wanted crackers, I handed her a box and sent her right back out the door and said share!

I am my mother's daughter!!!!

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