"Yes Sydnee Bleeding Out Your Lip Counts

(Taken from my previous blog)
So, I am finally getting some work done when I hear a blood curdling scream from the backyard, next I hear Sydnee's little flip flops come running up the side of the house with Adam, the friend in tow behind her. The door flies open and she yells "Does bleeding out your lip count?!?!?!?!?!" I just shake my head head grab a disposable ice pack and follow the two of them to the back yard where Brady is on the ground below the swing set grabbing his lip and screaming it hurts it hurts it hurts. And there is blood!!! He tried to jump from the top of the swing set. Why, you ask? Because it was there.

So I tell him to get up come in and sit on the couch. I look at it, check to make sure all teeth are in tact, no stitches are required, he can move arms, legs, nothing is broken, except the skin on his lip, hand him an ice pack and congratulate him on his first fat lip and ask him if he wants me to take a picture of it to commemorate the moment. I get a fat lip grin, and Sydnee asks, "so bleeding out your lip is ok too then?" I look at her and and try with a straight face to say "Yes Sydnee Bleeding out your lip counts too."

I need a vacation!!!

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