I Will Survive - Karaoke

So I went out tonight with some friends, April, Amber and her husband Dave, to a little hangout just outside the village limits.  It's the night before Thanksgiving, hubby is New York, the kids are with their biological mother and the dogs were driving me insane.  Now mind you, I do not go out often. I can honestly say in the 2 years I have lived in this little town, I have now been out to the local nightlife twice.  The first time was on Halloween, and we somehow ended up at a pretty rough hangout where I don't think our costumes were truly appreciated or understood. You see, being the "Pilot's Wife", I dressed up as the pilot for Halloween, and my husband, being the incredibly good sport that he is, dressed up as the flight attendant, and no, not a male one!!! Needless to say we left that establishment feeling very lucky to have not been involved in more than a few come ons toward my husband from a very drunk man. It was really quite funny, once we left!
So tonight, my girlfriend texted me to see if I was going to meet up with her this evening. After talking with hubby about it, I thought, why not. A little time out of the house after the last couple of weeks might do me some good. This place was having their Night Before Thanksgiving Day Party, There was to be food, drink and Karaoke. Well there was food, on the menu, if you ordered it. And as far as drinks, I stuck with ice tea. I figured with the 2 mile drive home through town, I was not going to give our police force of 2 any extra work tonight! But the Karaoke... there was definitely Karaoke, and a very excited KJ.
Karaoke ka·ra·oke (kar′ē ōkē, ker′-) noun - a form of entertainment in which patrons, as in a bar, take turns singing popular songs into a microphone accompanied by prerecorded music played on a special device, with the lyrics displayed on a screen.

KJ - noun - Karaoke DJ. Announces and coordinates karaoke performances

Now mind you, the KJ is to announce and coordinate the karaoke performances, but this KJ, must have thought quite highly of his singing skills, because he graced us with at least 6 songs to start. I know his deep desire was to be a Rock Star/Lounge Lizard because the way he worked the crowd and utilized the entire bar room, having memorized every lyric to each of the songs he sang was beyond magnificent(note the hint of sarcasm)!

It was so wonderful in fact, that I just couldn't take it anymore. I gave in, something took control, and the next thing I knew I was standing in front of him, while he was singing, just waiting. He asked me if I wanted to sing, and I said... If it will make you stop! At which point he did, I took control of the microphone and tried to give Gloria Gaynor a run for her money. I figured I survived the songs and prancing he put the rest of the crowd through, my choice was only fitting. I think I did good, or the crowd was just relieved not to have to hear the KJ perform it, either way, I was met with applause when I finished the song, and it got the rest of the crowd up and wanting to sing too.

I will say, aside from the interesting night life that this little town I live in seems to have, I did have some fun, and I Did Survive... I am very grateful to have friends that think of me and invite me to do things while my hubby is working and I am at home by myself...

Do I Love the Nightlife? The jury is still out... I think I will stick with my 2 kids, 3 dogs, and the bearded dragon for the moment, it can't get too much more exciting than that!

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