What Would You Weather For A Black Friday Deal

What would you weather for a good deal? I have to admit, I have never done the Black Friday, camp out all night, face the weather, for the early bird special thing in all my 41 years.  In all honesty, last year was the first time I ever actually shopped on Black Friday, and I didn't get out till 4pm. But I still got a great deal, my Dyson Animal was on sale for $339 at Target, and I had explained to my husband the importance of having quality equipment to keep the house clean. I love my Dyson still and use it 2-3 times a week.
Well, after missing Thanksgiving dinner at my dear friend's house due to a migraine, I finally mustered up the energy to cruise over to her house around 5pm for some Turkey day leftovers We sat at the table pouring over the Black Friday ads and starting talking about Best Buy and their deals. They are having sales on E-readers, computers, TVs, gaming consoles. Then she said to me, I wonder how many people are already lined up outside. I answered we could drive down there to see, thinking that no one in their right mind would be out on Thanksgiving day in rainy weather to try and get a deal at Best Buy.
We hopped in the car and 15 minutes later we were pulling in to a parking lot of a closed store full of cars. The Best Buy sign was lit like a beacon in the sky guiding the bargain hunter to find shelter under it on the sidewalk outside the store.

Best Buy

There was actually a line formed, tents and chairs. People with umbrellas dressed like Eskimos weathering the storm for the chance to be the first through the door for Blu-Ray players at $59.99, E-book readers at $99.
One lady I talked to had been there since 2:30pm this afternoon, and she wasn't the first in line, she was 6th in line. She had her list ready, and I sure hope she gets what she wants, because she was without a tent, sitting in a chair with an umbrella. Now that takes dedication.

There were some guys, sharing a tent that popped their heads out, they were there for TVs. Nothing else, just TVs. They looked like they were having fun, and they thought to bring a tent, I just hope they had something warm to drink in there too.
Then there were a group of younger guys there. No tent. They were busy making a makeshift tent with umbrellas and duct-tape. (Note to self, use 2158 for duct-tape To hold an umbrella tent together!) When I asked them what they were there for, it was all about the games and game systems.

My friend and I left, we were somewhat amused by the whole thing. I do hope that everyone gets what they came for, and I hope that they were able to enjoy a nice Thanksgiving meal before braving the cold and rain.

As for me, I don't mind waiting for a regular sale, if that means I can stay comfy and warm and not have to camp out all night!
Happy Turkey Day!


sherry said...

When we were stationed in Minot, ND my sister-in-law and her hubby would be up and we'd (Fred and I too) would be out the door and at the fabric stores by 5am. Nancy is a quilter. Then, we would go back to the house, have breakfast, clean up and head to the Mall. Don't do that now and do I miss it...hmmmm...no :) Sherry

Our Crazy Bunch said...

I was out all night on black Friday. Not looking for any deal in particular just becasue it was black Friday. :) The line at Best Buy for us was crazy too. I waited an hour to get into Old Navy and then over an hour to check out. All for $10 jeans. I think it is fun! But then again it wasn't raining and it really wasn't all that cold maybe 65?! Next year when I'm in Mass I don't know if I'll be so brave. :)