Naked In The Airport

So, my husband is a pilot and I have always said whatever keeps him safe at his job is ok by me. I have even said it to my group of pilot wife friends. But that was until I saw a picture of exactly what the TSA will see when I pass through one of those new AIT scanners. In my opinion it is without a doubt an invasion of privacy, and I wonder, at what point does this become pornography? So my other options is to Opt-Out.

Wednesday November 24, 2010 is National Opt-Out Day. It is a protest, so to speak, against this invasion of our privacy. It has been planned for the busiest travel day of the year to send a clear message to lawmakers that we will not allow them to strip us down! You can Opt-Out any day and request an "enhanced manual pat down", but what exactly does that mean? I went to the TSA blog for answers, but of course I could not find a definitive answer from them on what an enhanced manual pat down is. But from what I gather, to put it bluntly, I can have naked pictures of me taken, or I can get felt up! I am not ok with this, and furthermore, what about my children? How do I explain this to them?

Please visit the Opt-Out day website and the American Traveler Dignity Act website and educate yourselves on what is happening, see for yourselves what TSA agents will be seeing when you pass through security, then if you are traveling November 24, 2010, send a message and Opt-Out. It's your body, it's your dignity, have a say in it!!!

Article on radiation danger below:

Also, Be sure to write Congress to let them know how you feel! 

To write your Member of the U.S. House of Representatives, please visit: 

To write your U.S. Senator, please visit:


Nicole said...

These TSA scanning/patdown guidelines are such a joke. I believe safety is important, don't get me wrong, but porno pics or patdowns are much too invasive. Especially for crew members who go through security all the time.

Hey! Thanks for posting my blog button on your sidebar as well!

The Pilot's Wife said...

This is a comment from my facebook account that tried to post here but had problems:

Tried to post on your blog Anna, but don't think it's going through.. so, here's what my thoughts are:

Couldn't agree more!! But there's one other issue that terrifies me.. the pat downs on CHILDREN!! Hello.. can you spell pedophile?? ...Don't be putting your hands all over my grandkids or you're going to be one sorry sucker and I'll be a non-flyer from that point on. Pretty bad with Ralph being a pilot as well.

Thanks for the post Anna!