Well it has been a long week. I got a call last Sunday night and found out my 20 year daughter, Chelsea was in the hospital and she was septic and not supposed to make it through the night. Then I was told there was more. She was pregnant. 5 months along. The baby, a boy did not make it. He was my first grandson. My husband and I got and the first flight down to Dallas to be with her. She was in a medically induced coma and it was all very scary. When we got there, I was trying to talk with Chelsea's step mom and her dad when suddenly some young blond bops on over to try and talk to me. Well as it turns out, this person is my daughter's, irresponsible boyfriend's, idiot dad's girlfriend. Who by the way has no kids of her own. Needless to say I asked her to leave.

Well somewhere between Monday when we got and Tuesday when she woke, I went down to see my grandson. My husband standing by my side the whole way. Then Tuesday night she was woken up. Now I will tell you. Her father and I do not get along at all. I feel like he has manipulated her for the last 18 years, and when she woke up, nothing changed. He proceeded to talked to her like she was stupid and use his brainwashing techniques on her. My husband witnessed this all.

While I was there she was loving to me, reached for my hand, told me she was happy to see me. She even said she had things she wanted to visit with me about and would consider coming to Ohio. The minute my husband and I had to leave, suddenly the doctors were told by her father not to talk to me and then Chelsea made herself a no-call patient.

I don't know what to think, I lost my grandson this week, and then I lost my daughter too. Then her step mom proceeded to call my husband to tell him all sorts of nasty lies about me. I have no words for that. Well, yes I do...

My husband knows who he married. He loves me with all his heart and knows that I have given everything that I have and everything that I am to this relationship and our family. I have known my husband for 30 years and there is nothing a person can say to us that would change any of this. Especially someone he only just met.

I am writing this blog as a start to my healing process and a way to deal with my losses. I know every day it will get a little better. I am grateful to have such a wonderful family to stand by me while I go through this, Thank You!

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