A Dog of His Own

Some days seem never seem to have enough time and others just drag on and on... This is one of those long days and I am sure both of my older dogs are in complete aggreeance with me.  You see, we just got a new puppy.  This puppy was my husband's early Christmas present.  My dogs are just that, mine.  As long as I am in the room, no one else exists to them. I am their world and the sun rises when I wake and sets when I go to bed in their eyes.  Well, my husband really tries hard with my dogs, but it just isn't the same, and I wanted him to have the same experience I have with my dogs with one of his own.  Of course I thought we would go to the pound a rescue a full grown dog.

Now let me state for record, we did try and rescue an adult dog, but my husband wanted a larger dog like an English Bulldog, or a Mastiff.  After reading about the bulldogs, we thought a little harder about Mastiffs. We even went to look at one.  I packed Elvis, my little Chihuahua/IG up in the car and took him with me to make sure it would be a good fit.  No such luck.  Elvis almost became dinner. To top that off, I could barely handle this dog, it was HUGE!!! Considering that I would be the one home most of the time taking care of the animals, since hubby is off flying to make a living, we decided to look at a breed that was smaller. 

We decided the Boxer was the perfect fit for our family.  They are good with kids, and other animals. They are eager to please and very smart.  They are a large dog, but not so big that I could not handle it by myself.  So I set out to do the responsible thing, I look for an older dog that needed to be rehomed.  Once again, Elvis was having nothing to do with that.  Now mind you this was all supposed to be a semi surprise for my husband...

Well, my husband has a way of trumping my super awesome gifts that I think up for him. The summer before last I came up with the idea of buying these golf clubs for him that he really wanted, but he ended up telling me he was wanting to buy them before I could do it.  This summer for his birthday, friends of ours told me about a Pittsburgh Steelers golf bag he was looking at and I was gonna get it for him, then he mentioned that to me.  I did a pretty good job of blowing that one off and he was pretty surprised when he got it for his birthday, but I suspect he knew.

So I don't know why I was surprised when one morning he starting researching breeders of boxer puppies.  Then he started emailing them.  We were still doing good, until one emailed us back.  I told him he did it to me again.  I explained to him that it had been my plan to give him a dog for Christmas.  We talked about it and decided that a puppy was probably the best way to go considering Elvis was getting quite cantankerous.  So it was decided, we would go look at this puppy a breeder had emailed us about.

We were only going to look, and maybe put a deposit down.  Needless to say, ninety minutes after walking in there, we were the proud new parents of a beautiful baby boxer girl.  Her name is Isabella.  It has been 14 years since I have had a puppy, and I had forgotten how much energy they have.  Nothing seems to slow her down, she has a continual need to experience everything with her mouth, and you can't turn your head for a second or she will be in the dirty clothes pile and no telling whose underwear will be in her mouth.

So like I said, today is one of those days when bed time seems to be a million miles away, with puppy barks and bites the whole way there...

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gaiabreeze said...

Finally, at two and a half my puppy is starting to grow a brain. Thing is, he thinks it's for making decisions, like whether or not to really come when I say so. Testing. Quite often, he won't respond until I stand up. I swear, he's like a kid. But when you think about it, they've only experienced the world for a couple of months. It must be strange.