This is MY website, MY words, MY BLOG!

So I guess I am blogging about blogging. It’s kind of funny when I think about it, because usually you blog to write about everything else in the world or your life.  I actually started blogging a couple of years ago. I started a blog called Stepmommy Extraordinaire. No one read it, that was ok, though a little depressing. I wanted to share what I was going through with other step moms out there. I just didn’t know how to reach them. I also do other forms of social media such as facebook and twitter though I admit; I have had a twitter account for a lot longer than I have known what to do with it. I now know quite a bit more about twitter than I had ever thought I would.
Anyway, my point is… I started this blog, The Pilot’s Wife with the intention for it to be about everyday life as the wife of a pilot. I also have a home based candle business that I wanted to share with people because I really think it is the most incredible candle business out there. I also have a true desire to, as AT&T used to put it, “reach out and touch someone” somewhere on this planet with my thoughts and words no matter how trivial they may seem to some.
So I wondered how to reach people. I learned, with a lot of help from other bloggers, a lot of trial and error, and A LOT of time on the computer. But what I also did was lose focus of some of what I started this blog about to begin with. My husband the Pilot, my kids, and me - the Pilot’s Wife!

I do have a vision for this blog. I want to reach out to other Pilot’s wives’ with a monthly guest feature; that is in the works. I also have added a side widget of my favorite blog of the week from all the other blogs I visit. I do plan to continue my candle giveaways monthly, because I just think EVERYONE should have the chance to experience the most incredible smelling Gourmet Candles. But I will not look for things to post just to have something to post… I confess, I have done that and the shows in the lack of comments I have received. If a person were to look at my statistics they could probably see what came from the heart and what came from desperation.
Now that does not mean I will not post something from the news if it does not hit home for me, but I guarantee you that there will be a heartfelt post to go along with it.

I have a page on my blog for my candle business about integrity, at the end I state:
Above all, maintain your integrity. This is YOUR business, YOUR future, YOUR life!
Well I am restructuring that for my personal blog:
Above all, I Will Maintain My Integrity. This is MY website, MY words, MY BLOG!


~Rachée said...

Sometimes when I post a blog I feel guilty that I am not being 'socially conscious' or 'responsible'. Nuts to that! I am with you and will follow my rule: My blog, my website as well.

Kymmie said...

I think a blog for step mums is a great idea. I'm surprised not many people read it. I could have valued something like that a few years back!!! Of course my fairy step kids are all grown up now. But I like this blog! xx

Kate said...

Beautiful and honest post. I love it. I think we all lose focus sometimes, but you caught yourself :)

DocKev said...

Be careful how you reach out and touch someone. You know, STD's. Ok, kidding, but looks like you're doing it!

Colleen said...

Amen. I really hear yo on this topic and I think it is very important! It is about integrity and honesty, blogging because you genuinely feel it. :)

This is a lovely blog though and I'm sure you do a wonderful job maintaining your integrity but it is great to have a reminder every once in awhile!

Anyway just wanted to say I hear you on this one.:)