The Shower is My Tardis

Every morning when I get up and get into the shower, I suddenly feel like I am Dr. Who and the shower has become magically become the Tardis, the Doctor's dimensionally transcendental time and space machine, but his is disguised as a Police Public Call Box and mine is decorated in a White cloth shower curtain with really great hair products. Without a doubt when I step out the trip of a lifetime is guaranteed!

What will today's episode be, I wonder to myself, I let the conditioner do it's job on my over-priced salon colored hair that I still insist on getting done, because I think I do deserve some small luxuries in life. Will it be the cybermen waiting to make us all become like them or delete us, or is it gonna be a 6 and 8 year old recently arrived from another planet come to take over my mind and and use me in a plot to rule the universe.

No matter where my tardis is called to and where I land, I am assured that no adventure will be the same and it will definitely be an experience to remember and one I will fashionably triumph over and it will most likely involve peanut butter and jelly!!!

ohhhh oh ohhhhh ohh

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