What's That Thing That Was Attached to My Ear?!?!?!?!

(Taken from my previous blog)
Now I know it's not me, I know this happens to every parent on the planet. It happened when I raised my 19 year old daughter Chelsea.

You see, I office from home and my job consists of calling clients on the, get this, PHONE!!! Now when I was raised, (here we go again, I am becoming my mother, AGAIN) but when I was raised, we were taught NEVER to interrupt someone while they are on the phone. Seems simple enough to me, how about you? It's not rocket science, shouldn't take more than twice, definitely not 3 times to learn this and most certainly not the 11,279 times it has been mentioned, said, whispered, mouthed, hand signed, written, and yelled in our house. So tell me then, why is it every time the kids are with me they can be minding their own business, playing games, watching TV, petting the dogs, picking their nose, you name it, but not talking to me, and the minute, no, the second I pick that black piece of plastic with a curly wire on it attached to the square thing that lights up, they are standing right next to me whispering, because they think that is more polite,(gotta give them credit for that one!) even waving me down for something they want or think they need.

Of course I frantically wave them off, mouth to them NOT RIGHT NOW, point to my ear the something is attached, they look at me blankly sit back on the couch and pout. I do all this in hopes that my client won't notice that I missed half the order he just placed and maybe he will repeat it for just for his own clarification and I will get off easy.

When I finally get off the phone I walk into the living room and ask "What did you need that was so important that it could not wait?" The answer I get is "I know how to spell Elvis." Elvis is our dog. And while I want to encourage spelling and reading I m now at my wits end. I ask, "Did you see that I was on the phone?" I get and "I didn't know" I am thinking, didn't know what??? What the phone is, or that I was on it, what???? So I ask again, "What are we suppose to do when someone is on the phone?" I get a sheepish "Don't talk" so I say "Give the girl a prize" Then I get "I didn't know you were on the phone" That's it, I just walk away wondering...
What's That Thing That Was Attached to My Ear?!?!?!?!

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