About Me and My Candles!!!

So I have thought about this, and I have decided to close down my other blog, Freedom From Corporate. It was the blog that I did for my home based candle business. I think one blog is enough to keep me from going insane, or drive me insane, not sure which one yet...

My reasons for shutting it down and putting everything on one blog are this: I have always hated the split personalities of sales people. You walk into a store and they are on the phone blabbing to one of their friends, or talking to a co-worker, and they sound like a real person. Then they see you, suddenly there is a change. Out comes the sales pitch, and up comes my walls!!! I think it can be even worse online. You get all this hype and sales and you never get the real feel for the person behind the website.

That is why I decided what the heck, I am going to put it all together. Because the truth is, I decided to do this home based business to have more time at home, to be a mother, and a wife. To be me. So I think it is only fair that anyone else reading this gets to know the real me as well!

So below is a brief blurb taken from my "Freedom From Corporate" blog to tell you a little bit about what I do. I also have a business website that you can check out by clicking here -> The Best Candle Business

A year and a half ago,  In an attempt to have more time for the family, I have decided to give up the corporate world to find more time and freedom for my new family and life. I had a home based business that I had been dabbling in for a while and that provided the perfect opportunity to do something that would allow me the ability to focus more of my time and energy where it was truly needed, the kids.

After a long heartfelt talk with my husband and kids, it was decided, a home based business and network marketing really was the path to Freedom From the Corporate world! I decided I wanted to empower other women both personally and professionally and here I am.

I hope that I am able to inspire you to reach for your dreams and achieve them!!!

I would also like to invite you to click the link below to enter my weekly drawing to win a free candle! You can't win if you don't enter!!!

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Anna Barnett


Buffi Neal said...

I love that you are working from home and starting a new business. I did the same for the past 2 years and loved every minute of it. Let me know if you need help getting followers to your blog - took me about 6 months to figure it out, but I don't mind passing what I know to you.(I am no expert - just a mommy blogger trying to be a writer)
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Kari Andersen said...

Anna, this is a beautiful blog and very smart to combine the two into one magnificent view of YOU!

Belly Charms said...

I completely understand, my main blog is both personal and business. Good for you and glad to follow back.

Anonymous said...

I love when I see the person and the sales person in one! It definitely makes me want to purchase something that I may not have before! Good luck!

Thanks so much for stopping by! I'm following you back! Hope you have a wonderful day! :)


Ron Cooper said...

Now following your neat blog and Facebook page from Hop Along Friday. My Facebook page “Inspire” has inspiring messages. I post original quotes up to 3 times a day. Love for you to visit!


Kelly said...

Hope everything merges seamlessly from two blogs to one!

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Xenia said...

I hope the single blogs works well for you!

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Liz said...

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Staci said...

I did the same. I had a personal blog, then decided to add a craft/business blog, then decided it was way too much to handle, so I put everything back into one. Thanks for coming by my blog! I am following you back now! :)

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Jenilee said...

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Gina Alfani said...

Thank you so much for following my blogs . . . I'm following you back :-)

I started out with one blog that combined everything, including a business. My interests are so varied that my blog was jammed with a little bit of everything. For me, having different blogs for the varied interests works better . . . although it is more work.

Have an awesome week . . . Gina

. . . and many more!

Rachel H said...

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