Break The Spell Of The Evil Stepmother!!!

So, I have a theory on the whole evil stepmother thing that Disney has launched onto society. Now, don't get me wrong, I love a good fairytale as much as the next girl, and I will even admit that I cried when I met Cinderella last Spring at Disney World. She said she loved my earrings and I told her I made them myself, then she said I was like a real fairy god-mother. I have to admit, I was disappointed, I sort of wanted to be the princess too, but I was 40 at the time.


But that is not the point of this post. I was talking about stepmothers. I believe the stepmother wasn't always evil. I believe circumstances have made her that way. I believe the poor stepmother had her life set up in a very tidy neat way that she could manage. Everything having it's place. Then along comes prince charming and sweeps her off her feet. She falls head over heels in love with the man. We are not talking "Oh he is cute" in love. We are talking the "do something bold and daring that turns your life inside out" kind of love. So she does.
She marries prince charming and shazaam she has a ready made family. She goes from single gal in the city to married stepmother in suburbia. 
Neat and tidy becomes "I'll get to it after I run the kids to school, take the dogs out, pick the kids up, make dinner, drive them to sporting events and maybe somewhere in between I might get a shower". Prince charming is just as busy with his job which they are both thankful for, though he is missed while he is gone.

Long gone are the days of Wednesday night pamper parties for herself, early mornings at the sidewalk cafe down the street for coffee and a croissant. Not that she would trade her new life for the world. But she begins to become more frazzled as time goes on. As the kids get used to her, the attitude and back talking start to come out. This is where the spell starts to take hold... With each snotty thing snapped back at her, the spell winds it's way around her like a fog that she can't see past. Before long she starts to forget the sweet fun loving chipper girl she used to be. She has morphed. She is now the EVIL STEPMOTHER.
But inside trying to get out is the princess who is full of love to give, if only she could get the children to see how much love there is inside for them.

You see, in reality this poor evil stepmother is the true princess waiting for the evil spell to be broken. Only this spell is not broken by her prince charming. Only true love her step children is strong enough to break the strongest of evil spells and allow the princess of all princesses to emerge!!!
I mean honestly, somewhere deep down, we all believe in happily ever after...
Cinderella's Castle Disney World


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How wonderful. I live an hour away from Disney and that must have been so magical. I'm following you back. Thanks for visiting.

Jamie said...

What a beautiful post. Have you read Gregory Maguire's "Confessions of an Ugly Stepsister"? I know it doesn't mirror your story, but I love how he takes well known stories like the Wizard of Oz and Cinderella and tells it through another's eyes. If you haven't read it, I definitely recommend it. Anyway, you sound like a wonderful stepmother and you're busy writing your own fairy tale. Thanks for sharing! ~Jamie

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That castle looks so magical with all those lights said...'re still a princess! I love Disney..I write a lot about our travels there on my blog! Thanks for stopping over!

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I haven't been there since I was ten! It looks like it was a great time :) The castle really is gorgeous! Checking out your great post from stumble upon Tuesday and am now following you.

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