The Dog Inside

This post is dedicated to all the people who tell me my Chinese Crested is not all there upstairs. I am trying to be politically correct so I am not using the actual words they use to describe her... lol

Priscilla, AKA Poopaw, is my Powderpuff Chinese Crested. She got the nickname Poopaw because the first day I had her I took her out for a walk with my other dog Elvis, who has quite the interesting way of pooping, but that is a blog for another day, and she stepped right in to his pile!

So, Priscilla was a puppy mill rescue. She spent 5 years of her life in a puppy mill in Southern Missouri being used to do nothing but produce puppies. At about 5 years of age, the numbers in the litters of dogs will start to decline and the dog is considered not as profitable so they are sold at auction. Puppy mill dogs are not pets, they are kept in cages and not handled except to be tossed from one cage to another for breeding. That is their sole purpose in life. There is no love for a dog like this. No warm puppy breath on a child's face, no cuddling under the covers, and no belly rubs. It is very sad. They become withdrawn and afaid of people and places and many end up being put down.

Priscilla was found by a rescue in Southern Missouri, and placed on petfinder. I found her and even though I knew it would be a challenge, I wanted to give her a chance at a comfortable happy life. So I went to the rescue and went through all the steps and adopted her. 

When I first saw her, she was cowered in the corner of her crate shaking. She was so afraid. I got her home and she was scared of everything. It took me 18 months of patience, love and a stable environment to finally get her to trust me enough to jump into my arms.

It is going on 5 years in the Spring since Priscilla, AKA PooPaw came into my life. She still does not trust other people, and she still does not like to be petted, but she knows that she can trust me to care for her and love her. She know she is safe.

Now, when friends come over, Priscilla can be funny. She has a way of giving the stink eye. And one time, my close friend was watching my dogs and fell asleep on the couch only to wake up and find Priscilla on top of the couch staring over her as if she was planning her next meal. Now mind you, PooPaw is only 8 pounds! My friend swears my dog is not normal. I take all these little jabs with a grain of salt.  Because I know the dog inside!

The video here is the Dog inside Priscilla... There is a normal dog in there... and she is happy and playful.

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