The Exploding Whale and The Escondido Bomb House

Burning bomb houses and exploding whales, I never would have thought the world would have come to this... I first have to thank an old friend of mine Mike Stobbe, & for making me laugh my ass off today despite an excruciating headache by pointing out a the obvious similarity of the burning of the Escondido Bomb House and the Infamous Exploding Whale Event of 1970 at Florence, OR.

And while that was funny, the Escondido Bomb House is scary. I have friends very close to their so this is personal!!!

If you are not familiar with this internationally known whale event, I have included the YouTube video to bring you up to date:

Now, present day Escondido... Apparently, November 18 a gardener working on the grounds of a home in Escondido was injured when an explosion happened. Well, obviously that set off a shitload of investigations much to the tenant, George Jakubec's dismay., George Jakubec, 54, had rented the home for three years, and is now in federal prison in downtown San Diego on bomb-making and bank robbery charges... San Diego County prosecutor Terri Perez called it "the largest quantity of these types of homemade explosives (ever found) at one place in the United States." Wow, I guess we really should get to know our neighbors!

Neighbors closest to the home were asked to evacuate Wednesday night. Neighbors outside a 250-yard radius were told how to "shelter in place" by shutting windows and doors.... The county says that their own homeowners insurance should cover their expense of having to find other shelter and they could of course go after the renter, like they could recover anything from him!

So today the house will burn and I am just thinking about the Exploding Whale, thanks to Mike :-)... Blubber was sent flying 1/4 mile into the air, chunks large enough to destroy a car.Thankfully no one was hurt. Did the officials think of that before decided to burn this house full of bombs?

I do hope everyone will be all right! And as for you, George Jakubec I hope you get what you deserve times 100! I have friends with children in that  neighborhood you shithead!!! Yes, this is personal!!!

Anna, The Pilot's Wife


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Wow, insane! a little much without mysecond cup of coffee. I had forgotten about the whale incident, but am reminded by your post that many folks don't even know about it.

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That is unbelievable. I missed the whole exploding whale story.My teenager would be probably going "right on, that's epic". Me , not so much.

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I wondered about burning the house when I read the article in the paper. Seems like a weird solution but maybe they are working on a time crunch.

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Ashley said...

I heard my hubby laughing at something on the news last night and in my half-sleeping stupor thought he said something about an exploding whale. I just thought I had dreamed it!

Miss Sara said...

It’s always good to have a friend help you find the humor in all the craziness of the world… & yes, thank goodness no one was hurt. Just WOW!

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LOL WoW that's bad !!!
I am glad no one was hurt too !
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My friend lives blocks away from that house! Crazy isn't it? Welcome to Southern California! Most are pretty normal here... just don't peek in their garages, lol.

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My BF told me about this and I saw the article. It's scary that families lived right there and didn't know the danger around them.

I'm glad it was found before something terribly worse happen .

Too sad about the man in the hospital almost blown to bits. They wont even talk about him.

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